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PEB Steel Celebrates The 5th Factory Inauguration And 20th Birthday Anniversary

ព័ត៍មាន & សេចក្តីប្រកាស - 14/06/2022

On the 11th November (11/11), PEB Steel Buildings will celebrate the inauguration of PEB Steel 5th Factory and 20th Birthday Anniversary for its operation in Vietnam.

On this occasion, PEB Steel would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to our clients, partners, and all PEB staff for their contributions to the great development of PEB Steel during the two decades.

The twentieth birthday has truly become meaningful with an inauguration of the fifth factory. The fifth factory comes out aiming to satisfy an increasingly huge demand. During 20 years of development, valued experience has been taken out, which was applied to The Design & Fabrication of This New 5th Factory. These advanced technologies are being studied and innovated by PEB Steel. They help PEB Steel in accelerating workflow, simplifying operation, increasing working efficiency, and production capacity.

A photo of PEB Steel Vietnam’s engineers at the new factory

The first application of advanced galvanized mainframe (PEBHybrid) will shorten the fabrication period, and contribute to the much longer life cycle of the project. Besides, using The special insulation material (PEBInsul) combined with the improved Ridge Ventilation system (RV3.0), results in reduced heat retention of around 6OC, thus achieving a cooler working environment. Besides, the Beauty of the Entire Building is guaranteed even further with the use of liner panel for roof and wall (PEBLiner).

When PEB Steel first came to Vietnam back in 1994, its commitment and message were and still are clear “to bring the concept of pre-engineered steel building (PEB) and apply it for any conventional construction building. The inauguration of five factories: “2005 (factory No.1), 2006 (factory No.2), 2009 (factory No.3), 2011 (factory No.4) and 2014 (factory No.5)” has been affirmed by an investment commitment in the PEB industry by PEB Steel Buildings.

Following corporate development, contribution to community and society is our motto. PEB Foundation’s functions include “giving scholarships to poor students with outstanding study results, contributing to community charitable donations and helping in difficult situation cases in society”. This highlights the Corporate Responsibility of PEB Steel towards the community and society.

At PEB Steel, we understand that the company Sustainable Development will happen when the company development goes along with Society Development.

The photo of the 5th factory of PEB Steel Vietnam
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ស្វែងយល់អំពី Pebsteel ដំណោះស្រាយ និង​​គម្រោងជុំវិញពិភពលោក