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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: Components And Applications

Expert opinion - 28/09/2020

Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered as the most flexible solution for contractors and investors / end-users. Many contractors and engineers who specialize in the use of conventional steel buildings have recently switched to pre-engineered steel buildings.

1. The components of pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings basically consist of the below components connected to each other:

– Primary components: Built-up “I” shaped structural framing members (columns and rafters).

– Secondary components: Cold-formed “Z” or “C” shaped structural members (roof purlin, eave struts and wall girts).

– Roll-formed sheeting profiles (roof and wall panels).

– Other accessories such as gable trim, eave gutter, galvanized cable bracing, ridge ventilation, etc.

Optional structural subsystems are also widely incorporated into pre-engineered buildings to provide functional as well as aesthetic features. Functional subsystems include mezzanine floors, crane runway beams (to support crane systems), roof platforms, catwalks, etc., while aesthetic features include fascia, parapets, canopies and roof extensions.

2. Applications of pre-engineered steel buildings

Thanks to its advantages over conventional steel buildings such as high durability, high speed of construction and cost effectiveness, pre-engineered buildings have become more and more popular in the construction industry and are the top choice of contractors, architects, and designers. Pre-engineered steel buildings find their applications primarily in the construction of commercial buildings (office buildings, department stores, exhibition halls, convention centers, etc.), production halls (factories, power plants, boiler houses, etc.), logistic buildings (warehouses, cold storage buildings) and other buildings (aircraft hangars, stadiums, bridges, shipyards, etc.). The recent focus has shifted to cover residential building projects such as staff houses and apartments as well.

pre engineered steel buildings

Commercial building is one of the main applications of pre-engineered steel buildings

3. PEB Steel as the trusted partner for pre-engineered steel buildings

PEB Steel is a European-owned company that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings with 26 years of experience in this industry. PEB Steel has a professional team of more than 100 experienced inhouse engineers who would be very pleased to offer clients free consultation and comprehensive proposal including drawings, quotation and execution plan in the shortest possible time frame.

PEB Steel is proud to be the constructor of numerous typical projects in Vietnam such as Nike shoes factory, Sapporo brewery plant, Vinfast automobile manufacturing complex, Top roof steel structure for Vietcombank Tower, AEON Mall Binh Duong, AEON Mall Tan Phu, LG Electronics Hai Phong factory, Kenda tire factory, United Nations International School of Hanoi, Malloca showroom, Unilever distribution center, GE turbine component plant, etc.

With PEB Steel, clients can totally be assured that their various demands will be satisfied with tailor-made solutions, and that their projects will be constructed and completed in a short time with superior quality.

Manufacturing plant of Kenda Rubber Vietnam

Manufacturing plant of Kenda Rubber Vietnam

pre-engineered buildings

Fabrication of pre-engineered buildings


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